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Video: Petzl Calidris Harness Review

Join me today as I review the Petzl Calidris harness.  I have been wearing this harness for about 2 years and it is excellent.  It is very well padded and your body weight is evenly distributed across the entire width of the padding.  Petzl calls this Frame technology.  Other harnesses just add bulky, viagra sweaty padding in an attempt to make it more comfortable.  The Calidris is light,…

Video: Black Diamond vs. Petzl Helmet Review

In today’s video, I review the Black Diamond Half Dome helmet and the Petzl Elios helmet.  You will see which one I like more and why.  I go over some aspects of both helmets such as ventilation, padding, and strap layout.  You will have to watch the video to see which one I prefer!

What is your favorite helmet?

Rant warning: It seems to me, that when climbers get better, they wear…

Podcast: How to Climb 5.12 Review

In my first podcast, adiposity I review the book, How to Climb 5.12, by Eric Horst.  This is a great first training book for anyone looking to better their physical and mental training.  Whether you are trying to climb your first 5.10 or 5.14, this book can help!  I review each of the chapters and go through some of the points that really stuck out to me.

Have you read this book?  What did…

Video: Trad Climbing Draw Review

I am proud to announce the first video for Rock Climber Life!  In this video, I review my favorite trad climbing quickdraw/sling setup.  This draw is composed of the Black Diamond Positron carabiner, Black Diamond Dynex Sling (24″), and Black Diamond Hotwire carabiner.  Tune in to see why this is my favorite setup, along with a bonus tip at the end on how to properly “triple” a draw!


Climbing Christmas Gift Ideas

superclip stick clip rock climbing

Everyone loves getting awesome climbing presents for Christmas, right?  Well, if you are out of ideas on what to get your significant other this season, let me help you out.  Here’s a few things that will surely keep the romance hot and heavy this season.
1.  Prana Stretch Zion Pants and Shorts

These are the best pants and shorts I have ever worn for climbing.  I love them so much I…

Staying Psyched While Injured

scope shoulder surgery dislocation repair

Getting injured can be one of the most disheartening things for a climber, medicine or any athlete for that matter.  Maintaining the mental psyche can be very difficult during a down time but it is extremely important.  I unfortunately know all about this experience.  I’ve dislocated both shoulders several times resulting in surgery on both shoulders:  the right one in ’05 and the left…

My Daily Diet


Be sure to check out the update to this article here!

Learning what and when to eat can be the most confusing thing to learn for athletes.  Whether cutting fat or building muscle, eating properly is more important than the exercise you do, in my opinion.  Many people fail in their fat loss or muscle gain goals because of improper diet.  I’m not a dietitian, but I’ll share some things…

Crushing the Myth About Heavy Weight Training

One of the most commonly heard myths about lifting heavy weights is that you will get big.
You will NOT get big, bulky muscles from heavy weight training.

Okay, now that we have that out of the way, lets get deeper into dispelling this myth.  It’s got to go.  Lifting heavy weight does build muscle.  But lifting, alone, will not make you into the next Mr. Olympia.  Lifting heavy w…

How Do I Learn to Climb Outside?

Rock Climbing Otter Cliffs guide

Breaking out of the gym and going climbing outside requires a certain level of technical knowledge.  Many experienced climbers who have been at the sport for years overlook the skills that are needed to safely climb outside.  It comes as second nature to them.  But, buy for a new climber, cure all of the knots, cialis systems, belaying, and rope management may seem very daunting.

I hav…

Skin Care Product Review

O'Keeffe's applied fingers not greasy rubbed in

Skin Care products may not be sexy like a shiny, smooth cam, or a new, soft and supple rope, but after a few days at the Red River Gorge, all you’ll be thinking about is how to nurse your sore tips.  Enter skin care.  Today I’ll be reviewing four products:  Climb On!, Joshua Tree Climbing Salve, Burt’s Bees Cuticle Creme, and O’Keeffe’s Working Hands.

Climb On!

The Climb On! Bar is a…

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