Falling the Warriors Way


“I want you to focus on your breath.  Return everything back to the breath.”  This was the first instruction Jeff gave me.  “What does that even mean?” I thought to myself.  His calm demeanor was reassuring, but on the inside, I was definitely shitting myself.

It’s no secret that my trad climbing is very weak.  Last Fall, I dedicated to climbing some more easy gear…

Do It Yourself TRX

In this video, I show you how to make your own TRX setup for climbers.  A TRX is basically some handles, straps, and a way to attach it to a ceiling.  But the TRX is way expensive and the exercises can be found for free online.  Make your own!  You will need:

Metolius Rock Rings


4 Carabiners

Couple pieces of old climbing rope or other ceiling attachment wizardry


Advanced Hangboard Workout

In the above video, I go through the Advanced Hangboard Workout routine I have been using the past several months with great success.  This protocol comes from the Anderson brothers’ article, “Making of a Rockprodigy”.  I would only suggest you start hangboarding when you can climb in the 5.11 range.  If you are still working 5.9’s and 5.10’s, you should work on your technique and log mor…

Hand X Band Review

Here’s a video review of the Hand X Band.  This little piece of gear has really helped reduce forearm and elbow pain due to training for climbing.  I would recommend it to anybody with forearm and elbow pain!  Do 2-3 sets of approximately 15 reps to start, then build from there.

The Hand X Band Website

Buy the Hand X Band on Amazon and support Rock Climber Life with a few…

The Importance of Supplementation

In this podcast, help I talk about the importance of dietary supplementation.  Taking supplements will speed your recovery and muscle soreness will decrease faster than normal.  I have found these all to be a huge benefit for multi-day climbing trips and training for climbing.  The convenience of using these supplements versus eating real food is worth it to me.


The protein powder…

Mountain Athlete Training Method

Before you read the article (or even if you don’t! 😛  ) watch this video first!  Rob Shaul of Mountain Athlete is one of the foremost training gurus in mountain sports.  He trains professional guides and athletes every day.  To read my experience training in person with Shaul, check this out.

If you’ve read my site for some time, you know…

A Visit to Mountain Athlete

During my recent trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, I had the pleasure to visit Mountain Athlete.  What an incredible experience!  Much of my training methodologies have been inspired by Mountain Athlete and I will continue to hone my training to mimic their programming in the future.  Before I get too far, if you aren’t familiar with Mountain Athlete, visit their site and browse around.  Much of…

Train Technique or Train Strength

Lately, there’s been a lot of discussion on the interwebs if climbers should focus on technique training, or strength training.  Much of this talk was spawned from the Sean McColl training video, which shows him doing many supplementary exercises.  McColl is no stranger to high level competition, so obviously he’s doing something right.  Notice the something in italics… we’ll get to…

Swing Thruster Burpee Workout

Now that you have the video instruction on how to do a Kettlebell Swing, Thruster, and Burpee, I’ll hit you with a killer workout.  This one will surely leave you out of breath and will build that anaerobic endurance that we strive for on steep, pumpy routes.  When your body can reduce a pump faster, you are better off.  This workout and this style of working out, in general, will help that.

How to do a Burpee

This video shows you how to do the infamous burpee.  Burpees are great because they not only work most of the muscles in your body, but they are also very rough on your cardio system.  You’ll be gasping for air after a set of fast burpees.  They work many antagonist muscle groups for climbers including the legs, butt, core, chest, and shoulders.  Do some burpees and feel t…

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