Video: Black Diamond vs. Petzl Helmet Review

In today’s video, I review the Black Diamond Half Dome helmet and the Petzl Elios helmet.  You will see which one I like more and why.  I go over some aspects of both helmets such as ventilation, padding, and strap layout.  You will have to watch the video to see which one I prefer!

What is your favorite helmet?

Rant warning: It seems to me, that when climbers get better, they wear their helmet less and less.  Most of the time, the people climbing 5.12 don’t have a helmet, but the people climbing 5.6 do!  I don’t understand this at all.  Just because you have years of experience, doesn’t mean you’re immune to bad things happening or your head is harder than it used to be.

I have personally witnessed several events where a helmet would have changed the outcome.  For example, I saw a climber hit the ground (landing on her back and smacking her head off a rock) before she was able to clip the first bolt on a sport climb.  In this case, a stick clip or helmet would have prevented a very sore head.  In another case, I saw a climber take a safe fall on a sport climb, but his balance failed him.  He ended up falling inverted and smacked his back and head against the rock.  Both of these climbers were clearly not beginners and fortunately they only suffered from a headache and a bruised ego.

You may not look very cool with a helmet, keeping your flowing mane pent up in the plastic dome, but it only takes one instance for things to compeltely change.  So, wear your helmet!

Who out there wears their helmet?

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