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Finally… Fall!!


I don’t know if I could have waited any longer.  After a rainy spring and hot summer, my favorite season has finally arrived!  We celebrated by spending the weekend at the New River Gorge, basking in the perfect temperatures.  Before we headed to the Lake on Saturday, I made a quick stop at Waterstone Outdoors to pick up my La Sportiva Miura VS shoes, which were on a very long backorder.  In…

3 Basic Climbing Tips

The other week, I shot this video with Integrated Fitness for their “Fitness Friday” segment.  Hope you all enjoy!  Sorry about the poor audio quality… they were running the fans in the climbing gym.

The 3 basic tips are:

Use your legs
Keep your arms straight when possible
Shift your…

My Experience With Crossfit

Integrated Fitness

Last Friday, I had the pleasure to attend a Crossfit workout at Integrated Fitness, a local Crossfit gym.  The trainers at Integrated Fitness put me through a rigorous workout and I wanted to relay some of my initial doubts, experience with the session, and some afterthoughts.  If you don’t know what Crossfit is, it’s basically workouts that are centered around functional fitness in an effort…

Arc’teryx Miura 50 Review

In this video, I review the Arc’teryx Miura 50 Backpack.  This is an awesome, clamshell opening pack that is perfect for a day at the crag.  I am tired of top loading packs and will never go back after using the Miura 50.  At $225, this pack is worth every penny.

I also review the Arc’teryx Pali Rope Bag.  If you get the Miura 50, you have to pick up a Pali Rope Bag ($60).  It sits…

A Hot and Humid Holiday

new river gorge, camping, rock climbing, summer, heat

Chalk hands, touch rock, move feet, repeat.  That can pretty much describe our climbing this past weekend at the New River Gorge.  To say the heat and humidity affected us would be an understatement.

We originally had planned to go to the Red River Gorge for the three day weekend, but after talking to some friends who had gone to the Red in previous summers, we changed out plans.  They a…

The Project Begins

With the best weather forecast of the year, Gaelyn and I took full advantage and went down to the New River Gorge last weekend.  We spent Saturday at Kaymoor, enjoying the overcast skies and mid 70’s temperature.  Where was this weather all spring?!  We hiked into Butcher’s Branch and I started the day off right with a flash of The Green Piece (10b).  I had never been on this route before,…

Progress at the New

new river gorge, bridge buttress, rock climbing, climber

Armed with shiny, new gear, we packed the car and headed down to our second home, the New River Gorge.  I was sick and tired of my crummy old pack.  It was small and very uncomfortable.  I got the Arc’teryx Miura 50 pack and the Pali rope bag to go along with it.  In short, it’s amazing.  Stay tuned for a review.  We also got a new Sterling Marathon Pro.  Our old Marathon Sport was showing…

Memorial Day at the New

new river gorge, rock climbing, second buttress

For the first time this year, the weather forcast looked good for Memorial Day weekend.  We took full advantage and decided to head down to the New River Gorge for a nice, three day weekend.  But, without fail, when we arrived on Friday night, it was pouring.  It proceeded to rain for hours on end, leaving lots of standing water all around the campground.  We were able to set up the tent…

Vook Climbing iPhone App Review

rock climbing for beginners Vook

I was recently contacted by Vook to review their new product:  Rock Climbing for Beginners iPhone application.  I had never heard of Vook before this, but it is basically a book and video content combined into one application.  They make this specific rock climbing app for the iPhone, iPad, as an iBook, and for the Kindle.  I have an older iPhone 3G so I downloaded the iPhon…

Video: Arc’teryx Theta AR Review

The video is a review of the super incredible Arc’teryx Theta AR jacket.  This is my favorite piece of gear I have bought recently.  It is absolutely awesome and serves as a year round coat.

What is you favorite waterproof…

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