Climbing Christmas Gift Ideas

Everyone loves getting awesome climbing presents for Christmas, right?  Well, if you are out of ideas on what to get your significant other this season, let me help you out.  Here’s a few things that will surely keep the romance hot and heavy this season.

1.  Prana Stretch Zion Pants and Shorts

Prana Stretch Zion Pants Shorts

The amazing Prana Stretch Zion Pants

These are the best pants and shorts I have ever worn for climbing.  I love them so much I have 2 pairs of the pants and 3 pairs of the shorts.  They are amazingly durable for how light weight they are.  They aren’t made of cotton so they will keep you cool all year long.  I have abused these pants and they show virtually no wear.  Amazing!  A friend of mine loves these too and commented on how surprisingly durable they are.  Ladies, get these for your man!

2.  Silver Climbing Jewelry

Carabiner Knot Necklace chain climbing silver

Pretty Silver Carabiner Necklace

There are many designs of silver climbing jewelry available.  I got the climbing rope and carabiner necklace for my fiancé a few years ago.  A friend of ours liked it so much, she made her husband buy her the same one!  Guys, be good and get her what she really wants… some rock climbing bling bling!

coiled rope climbing silver earings

Awesome Coiled Rope Earings

3.  Superclip

superclip stick clip rock climbing

The ultra-cool Superclip

This thing is the simplest and most rugged stick clip available.  It’s very simple to use and has no moving parts.  It’s metal so it won’t break.  Guys and Girls alike will love clipping that first sketch bolt with it.  Enough said.

4.  Gym Membership

Indoor rock climber gym

Putting the climbing gym membership to good use!

Forget that romantic dinner to a pricey restaurant.  What they really want is a climbing gym membership.  Then you can spend the afternoon getting your swell on at the gym.  Keep off those extra holiday pounds too!  So you can spend time with one another and get in ridiculous shape?  Now that’s a sweet present!

5.  O’Keeffe’s Working Hands

O'Keeffe's Working hands skin care cream product salve

O'Keeffe's Working Hands... the best!

No one wants to hold hands with someone who has roughed up skin.  Get Working Hands and she’ll ooo and ahhh about how soft and supple your fingers are.  See my extended review here.  It’s better than anything else I’ve tried.  Throw some Working Hands in their stocking and see their face light up with joy!

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