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Velcro Climbing Shoe Armor

In this video, I give you a little tip that can really prolong the life of straps on velcro climbing shoes.  I blew out the straps on a pair of shoes before I even needed a resole.  This got me thinking, I need ARMOR!!  Check out the video then buy some ARMOR and support t…

Carabiner Orientation: Screw up or down?

Today, I go over carabiner orientation.  Should you screw up or screw down?  Well, today I set the record straight.  It depends if you are using carabiners on an anchor, or using them on your belay loop.  Tune in today to see why.  Anyone do something…

3 Basic Climbing Tips

The other week, I shot this video with Integrated Fitness for their “Fitness Friday” segment.  Hope you all enjoy!  Sorry about the poor audio quality… they were running the fans in the climbing gym.

The 3 basic tips are:

Use your legs
Keep your arms straight when possible
Shift your…

Video: Types of Climbing Explained

“What is sport climbing compared to top roping.  Is it even a sport?”

This video is aimed at the beginner climbers out there.  If you already know all of this, hopefully I entertained you with my amazing drawing skills.  Today, I briefly go over the 4 main types of climbing:

Top Roping
Sport Climbing
Trad Climbing

There are other types of climbing (Aid, Mixed,…

Podcast: Gear to Start Climbing

“What gear do I need to get to start climbing?” This is a question I frequently am asked.  The answer is not so simple, and usually follows with:  “Where do you want to climb?” Depending if you want to boulder, top-rope at the gym, top-rope outside, or sport climb outside will dictate what gear you need to obtain.  Below is an outline of gear needed for each type of climbing that I talk about…

How Do I Learn to Climb Outside?

Rock Climbing Otter Cliffs guide

Breaking out of the gym and going climbing outside requires a certain level of technical knowledge.  Many experienced climbers who have been at the sport for years overlook the skills that are needed to safely climb outside.  It comes as second nature to them.  But, buy for a new climber, cure all of the knots, cialis systems, belaying, and rope management may seem very daunting.

I hav…

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