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First Time at Stone Fort

This year, during the week of Thanksgiving, we changed our traditional family plans for a week of bouldering in Chattanooga, TN.  Our first three climbing days were spent at Little Rock City, aka Stone Fort.  This beautiful boulder field is situated on the edge of a golf course and has some of the finest sandstone boulders in the country.  All the amazing things I heard about LRC wer…

Singing Rock Garnet Review

In this video review, I take a look at the Singing Rock Garnet harness.  This is the perfect, four season harness.  The adjustable waist belt and leg loops can easily fit around thicker clothing if necessary.  The material is thin and light but very comfortable, the gear loops are excellent, and the material is slick, which adds to the durability.  Check it out!

I received t…

Endless and Sunshine

We spent a perfect Fall weekend at the New River Gorge.  Saturday was spent projecting NWO (5.12a) at Endless Wall and Sunday was spent at the Sunshine Boulders.  Boulder problems include:

Mach 6 (V1), flash
Straight Razor (V0), flash
tried Jumping’ Razor (V6)
Helium (V3), flash
Sunshine Arete (V5)
tried Black Angel’s Trampoline (V3)
tried 1, 2, Punc…

Fall Days at Central Endless

I spent last weekend at Central Endless, part of Endless Wall at the New River Gorge.  All of my time was dedicated to working a new project:  New World Order (12a).  This line is one of the best of the grade at the New.  Central Endless is packed with hard, but extremely high quality routes that attract a…

Coopers Rock for Halloween

This past Saturday, we went to Coopers Rock for a day of bouldering in Fall weather.  We went to Roadside, where we hadn’t been in many years.  We bouldered at the Warm-Up Area, Mad Butcher Block, Woody’s Arete Area, and the Cave Problem.  Great…

Scarpa Vapor V Review

In this video, I review the Scarpa Vapor V shoes.  These are high performance edging shoes that still are very comfortable and can be worn all day.  They sport Vibram XS Edge rubber, perfectly designed velcro straps, high quality leather, and are downright beautiful to look at.

I received the shoes from Verde Brand Communications and Scarpa for review, but don’t worry, you can’t buy…

Beauty and the Boulders


Bridge Day weekend is one of the busiest weekends of the year in Fayetteville.  BASE jumpers and spectators come from all over to enjoy the festivities and jump off the New River Gorge Bridge.  This is the one day a year where it’s legal to walk on and jump off of the bridge.  This event on Saturday attracts quite the crowd, but combining that with unseasonably cold mornings, w…

New Routes at Meadow and Beauty

The leaves are beginning to change, shop cool mornings are followed by perfect afternoons, and the rock feels sticky.  Fall is officially here and it’s everyone’s favorite climbing season!  Fall at the New River Gorge is magical.  The trees turning bright colors of orange, yellow, and red light up the gorge.  After the hot and humid summers, it feels so good to climb and not slime off…

Crispy Day at Coopers

The leaves gently fell to the ground and the light breeze kicked up some dust into my eyes.  The temperature was perfect and the humidity was low.  My skin felt as if it would never slide off the gritstone.  This is what we live for.  Perfect conditions and a day in the woods bouldering at Coopers Rock.  My original plan was to spend the weekend down at the New River Gorge, but a poor…

Square Bottle by Clean Bottle Review

In this video review, I take a look at the all new Square Bottle by Clean Bottle. This innovative water bottle is packed full of great, innovative features.  It has two openings for easy cleaning with quarter turn lids and a rubber gasket to prevent leakage.  A square shape prevents it from rolling down a hill, leaving you with only hope that your favorite bottle hits a rock or log and…

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