Singing Rock Penta Review

In this video review, I take a look at the Singing Rock Penta helmet.  This is an ultralight helmet that won’t break the bank!  An all foam construction with a thin shell makes it super durable and the light webbing harness and buckles are usable and functional.  Check it out!

I received the helmet from Liberty Mountain and Singing Rock for review, but don’t worry, you can’t buy my integrity.  

  • Ben Eaton

    Great review. I love my penta helmet. One of the lightest on the market. I’m actually a huge fan of the all webbing harness system. Soft webbing feels a whole lot better on the back of my bald head than the hard strap of plastic that not only digs into my skin but also causes me to produce more sweat in that area. I also like how you can vertically adjust the height of the horizontal strap that goes across the back of your head so that it runs below that little bump of bone where the top of the neck meets that bottom of the skull. Not all helmets allow that horizontal strap, be it plastic or webbing, to reach that far down, delivering an improper fit that ends up giving you “gumby helmet syndrome” (a tilted helmet that sits cock-eyed on your head.)

    • Gif

      Great points! Thanks for the comment, Ben!

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