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Two Ogres Chalk Bag Review

In today’s video review, I take a look at the Two Ogres Essential-Z Chalk Bag.  This quality bag comes in at less than 20 bones and has all the features of a chalk bag that’s double the price.  The Essential-Z comes with a well designed belt, fuzzy blue interior, and a small pocket to keep a ring or keys while climbing.  Cool!  Take a look at this chalk bag if you don’t want to spend too…

Cypher Vesta Quickdraw Review

This video review is of the Cypher Vesta Quickdraw, an ideal sport climbing and projecting draw.  The carabiners are super smooth and well built.  The fit and finish is superb on these and the price is just right, coming in at less than $14 per draw.  I chose the 16 cm length dogbone and find it to be the perfect size, but you can also get them in 11 cm and 20 cm if you like.  For t…

Outdoor Research Seamseeker Glove Review

This video review is of the Outdoor Research Women’s Seamseeker Gloves, which were sent to Gaelyn for review.  These super durable gloves were designed for heavy rope work but they are equally perfect as a belay glove.  The suede interior with gel pocket dissipates heat remarkably well.  The backside of the glove has a section of durable synthetic material that helps with breathability.

Beta Balm Review

In this video review, I take a look at Beta Balm.  This stuff is awesome.  It’s a hockey puck style balm that you can remove from the contain, which is my favorite style.  If you have a scrape or cut, take it out and smear it on.  The design in the balm looks like a bullseye and the packaging is some of the best out there.  A metal container with a screw lid that won’t come loose and is…

Luck on Memorial Day


Several days before we left for a long weekend trip to the New River Gorge for Memorial Day, the forecast looked hot and we were anticipating high crowd days with packed crags.  It’s pretty typical for the New to experience one of the busiest weekends of the year on Memorial Day and at the Red River Gorge it IS the busiest weekend of the year.  We used to go to the Red on our long…

Cypher Zero Review

In this video review, I take a look at the Cypher Zero shoes.  These kicks are super high performance designed for sport climbing and bouldering.  The sticky Vibram XS Grip rubber is one of the best out there, and combine that with a velcro closure and a perfect fit, you have an outstanding shoe at an irresistible price.  The toe is downturned and the upper is a perforated synthetic.  B…

Outdoor Research Ferrosi Hoody Review

This video review is of the Outdoor Research Ferrosi Hoody.  This is quickly becoming my favorite jacket for Spring and Fall.  It is wind resistant, highly breathable, water resistant, quick drying, and easy to move in!  The pockets are well designed and the material is awesome.  This review is part of the #ORInsightLab

I received the hoody from Outdoor Research for review, but…

Metolius Competition Chalk Bag Review

This video review is of the Metolius Competition Chalk Bag.  This chalk bag is super durable and made of a synthetic canvas type material.  You can be sure this bag will take all the abuse you can throw at it.  I also take a quick look at the new FS Mini II carabiner, one of the smallest and lightest full strength carabiners on the market.  Be sure to check it out!

Get the Metolius…



I had butterflies in my stomach.  The “send anxiety” was high as we drove down Saturday morning, heading straight for First Buttress at the Upper Meadow.  I had one goal for the weekend, Lamda.  Two trips ago I was stopped at the crux.  I never made it to the top because I couldn’t do the move off the ledge.  During the last trip, things came together and I one-hung the rout…

Falling the Warriors Way


“I want you to focus on your breath.  Return everything back to the breath.”  This was the first instruction Jeff gave me.  “What does that even mean?” I thought to myself.  His calm demeanor was reassuring, but on the inside, I was definitely shitting myself.

It’s no secret that my trad climbing is very weak.  Last Fall, I dedicated to climbing some more easy gear…

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