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Skratch Labs Review

In this video, I review my favorite drink mix, Skratch Labs.  I love their stuff and no longer get dry mouth while climbing!  I feel better all day long while drinking Skratch.  I review the Daily Electrolyte Mix, Exercise Hydration Mix, and HOT Exercise Hydration Mix.  Buy some Skratc…

Exploring Death Block

Thanksgiving was right around the corner and we were hosting family.  Chores, cleaning, shopping, and cooking had to get done, so we opted for a day trip down to Coopers instead of a weekend trip to the New.  Coopers has been good to us in the month of November!  We went back to Tilted Tree Area but wanted to check out Death Block, a cluster of boulders we hadn’t explored yet.  We started…

Cold Clouds and Coopers


We had two choices this past weekend.  On one side of the coin, we had a cold, high in the mid 30’s, but sunny Saturday.  The other side was a cloudy and slightly “warmer” with highs in the low 40’s Sunday.  We chose the higher temps and lack of sun, and drove down to Coopers for a day trip on Sunday.  We arrived around 10 AM to find the parking lot for Tilted Tree Area empty.

Chasing Rays


It’s that time of year again where the leaves are on the ground, the days are short, and the rock doesn’t warm up until noon.  When late Fall arrives, we drive down to the New on Saturday morning.  There’s no sense in rushing on Friday after work to get down Friday night and wake up early.  The rock is freezing and warm-up routes turn to numb-hands-why-am-I-out-here routes.  W…

Sun and Grit

The weekend weather for the New River Gorge was not looking good.  Clouds, a high percentage of “wintery mix”, and cold.  On the other hand, the forecast for Coopers Rock was looking perfect on Sunday.  Whenever the weather gets dicey during late Fall or early Spring, a day trip to Coopers is a welcome alternative.  It’s only about an hour and 45 minutes from our house, making for an easy…

Two More on Bridge Day


It was Bridge Day.  The typical “Wet Virginia” weather was looming and threatening climbers and BASE jumpers alike.  We hit up Rico Suave Area, part of Kaymoor.  It was cloudy and cool, but still dry in the morning; perfect Fall climbing weather. As we warmed up, the temperatures seemed to be dropping as the day progressed.

Rico Suave Arete (10a) – One of the best bolted…

Team Machine

By mid week, several days before our recent weekend trip down to the New, my palms were already sweating.  Looking at the forecast, it was almost perfect:  mid 50’s temps and sun.  Once the temperature dips in the Fall, the friction is unreal.  The sandstone at the New River Gorge feels like Velcro and projects go down!

We went down Friday night so we would have a full day on Saturday.

AAC Craggin Classic 2014

Last year, the American Alpine Club brought their Craggin’ Classic event to the New River Gorge.  Now that there is an AAC campground at the New, they have the perfect venue to host this event.  I was unable to make it last year, but this year, we weren’t going to miss it!  Gaelyn and I both volunteered for the event along with the usual band of locals.  The Craggin Classic will more or…

2014 ORInsightLab Wrap Up


At the beginning of the summer, I was asked by Outdoor Research to participate in their #ORInsightLab program.  I didn’t know what to expect or what type of gear they would send me.  Writing this now, which will be my last post for the program in 2014, I can say it was super fun and the gear is awesome.  Before this summer, I never had the chance to try any gear from OR.  But now,…

Outdoor Research Jinx Shirt Review

This video review is of the Outdoor Research Jinx Shirt.  This shirt is super light weight for those hot summer days.  It’s a minimalist shirt with one pocket and not too many details, but it shines when the sun is shining on you!  Going on a summer road trip?  You may not want to leave home without the Jinx.  Watch until the end for a bonus review!  This review is part of t…

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