Skin Care Product Review

Skin Care products may not be sexy like a shiny, smooth cam, or a new, soft and supple rope, but after a few days at the Red River Gorge, all you’ll be thinking about is how to nurse your sore tips.  Enter skin care.  Today I’ll be reviewing four products:  Climb On!, Joshua Tree Climbing Salve, Burt’s Bees Cuticle Creme, and O’Keeffe’s Working Hands.

Working Hands Joshua Tree Salve Burt's Bees Climb On!

The skin products reviewed. No Climb On! because I used it months ago.

Climb On!

Climb On! - Photo courtesy of Climb On!

The Climb On! Bar is a very good product.  I got the mini bar to try it out and was pleased with its strong healing powers.  It seemed to get my sore skin up and running again faster than regular hand cream (ie: Jergens).  The gentle smell is also nice and not overpowering.  The bar is easy to use.  It’s like a small bar of soap that you take out of the package, rub it on the desired areas, and then rub it in with your hands.  Climb On! is greasy, but not too greasy like some others.  It is somewhat expensive.  Unfortunately, I do not have a photo of Climb On! on my hands as I used it up several months ago.


-Nice smell

-Easy to apply

-Heals well




Joshua Tree Climbing Salve

Joshua Tree Climbing Salve

J Tree Salve is my least favorite of the four products reviewed.  To start, it is very greasy.  This single attribute turned me completely off.  Once applied, anything you touch will leave a grease spot.  J Tree Salve is as expensive as Climb On! but is not nearly as good.  It stays in the container and you have to rub your finger in it to get it on.  Then you can spread it to other fingers.  It is not as easy to apply as a bar type product, especially because the container is so small.  I got the small container of J Tree Salve to test.  I also did not encounter very good healing properties.  I think the smell is too overpowering, but smell is a personal preference in this case.

J Tree Salve greasy applied fingers

J Tree Salve on fingers. See how greasy!


-All natural composition


-Very greasy


-Mediocre healing properties

-Difficult to apply with small container

Burt’s Bees Cuticle Creme

Burt's Bees Cuticle Creme

I consider Burt’s Bees Creme to be a specialty product.  It is greasy, but much thicker than J Tree Salve.  It has a paste-like consistency.  Therefore, it is not very good to apply to finger tips.  However, it is excellent for cuticles, as the product is aptly named.  It has very good healing properties for dry, cracked cuticles or other small, spot applications.  Burt’s Bees would be great for a small cut or scrape on the back of the hand.  It has a nice lemon-butter scent as well.  The container is wide and shallow for easy application.

Cuticle Creme small cut greasy

Burt's Bees on small cut. Slightly greasy.


-Great for cuticles

-Nice scent

-Easy to apply

-Good healing properties


-Only for spot applications because of thickness and greasiness

O’Keeffe’s Working Hands


O'Keeffe's Working Hands

Working Hands is by far, the best product of the four reviewed.  It is much less expensive than the others, and better overall.  Working Hands is not greasy at all.  It absorbs quickly, so much so that you could apply this and go climbing soon after.  It has no obvious scent.  The jar is wide and shallow so it can be applied easily and rubbed into your sore finger tips.  In my opinion, the healing properties are the best of the four.  I had never heard of Working Hands before, but a friend turned me on to it.  And don’t go looking for this product at a climbing retail shop… a big box home improvement store is the place to find this one.  This is the stuff to get!

O'Keeffe's applied fingers not greasy rubbed in

Working Hands product on left. Rubbed in on right. Not greasy!


-Best healing properties

-Not greasy

-Not expensive (compared to others)

-Easy to apply

-Absorbs quickly


-No scent… if that’s important to you.

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